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Teaching Kids about Hatred – and How to Stop It

In America there’s growing hatred and it must be stopped. What happened to our fellow citizens at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and the supermarket in Kentucky are only the latest examples. These aren’t isolated “tragedies.” We unwittingly share in the rise of growing hatred in America if we don’t always step up and be our better selves. Here’s how.

Teach yourself and your kids to:

  • Always push back on moments that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Never tolerate inappropriate “jokes.” Hate often masks as bad humor.
  • Always call out people on their hateful comments and speech.
  • Most important, never allow bullies to get away with their destructive behavior. They won’t stop until we make them stop. Be visible. Be vocal. Get organized with others.

Look at this amazing framework from the ADL. It’s a simple, yet powerful resource. Stopping hate starts with educating ourselves and our children about what hate is, what forms it takes, and how it develops. Find a quiet moment, sit down with your kids, and together understand what you can do to stop hate in your community.


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