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Archive for April 2016


Appreciating the ADHD Mind

ADHD symbol design isolated on white backgroundThere are some scary statistics being reported out there, like these from a 2014 study on ADHD. Don’t panic. These studies don’t mean you or someone you love with ADHD is destined for education or economic ruin. Instead, they highlight the importance of appreciating the ADHD mind and the importance of best fit. They guide us on what not to force onto these youngsters and young adults, many of whom are active boys and men. For example, sitting long hours tethered to desks, being lectured without opportunities to learn by doing – and worst of all – not encouraging motion in one’s work life – is pure misery for the ADHD mind. Fit is essential. Squeezing the more fluid, novelty-seeking ADHD mind into our ever-narrowing one-size-fits-all schools and offices won’t cut it.

ADHD minds were designed to work best when incorporating movement, being outdoors, shifting tasks frequently, being creative, and to literally build, make, and do real things. The ADHD mind wants to experience life directly, in the here and now, and needs the freedom to roam onto unanticipated paths.

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