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Archive for August 2012


Three Easy Back to School Tips

It’s hard to believe it’s that time again. As we aim to get the most out of our last days of summer, remember that your kids need more than school supplies to be ready for school. Here are three tips:

  1. Start easing back into the school schedule. It’s common to let bedtimes (and wake up time) slip during the summer, but if you don’t ease back into the school routine, you’ll have some very tired and cranky children on your hands. Start pushing bed time back to normal in short increments over a week or two, rather than a big change right before school starts.
  2. If your child is anxious about their first day back, do a “dry run”. Go visit the school and grounds a few times in the week or so leading up to school. Plan something fun afterwards. Just seeing the school under less stressful circumstances can help kids feel much more relaxed.
  3. Look for the warning signs that your child may be stressed. Younger kids show it differently than older kids. Younger kids will be more clingy, tantrum, may have problems falling asleep, and may complain of headaches and stomach aches. Older kids may become quiet, withdrawn, irritable, and more uncooperative. Then sit your kids down and acknowledge what’s happening. Tell them this is a tough time for everyone… parents, teachers, and especially kids. Just labeling it – giving it a name – will help.

What’s your tip for gearing up to back to school?

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